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illo le cachalot

Lee Beom Ho
Lee Beom Ho
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Re: illo le cachalot | Sam 26 Mar - 8:59
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bonjour :cute:

finalement pas besoin d'attendre la semaine prochaine,, j'aimerais prolonger mon absence de deux petites semaines, s'il vous plait ?
jusqu'au 18 avril, si possible ? ♥

merciiiiii :paw:



who are you ? why do you hide in the darkness and listen to my private thoughts ?
Kong Yeong Hun
Kong Yeong Hun
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Re: illo le cachalot | Sam 26 Mar - 10:08
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non, c'est pas possible. :russe:

djzlkjdz je te rallonge ça ;;
prends soin de toi et reviens nous en pleine forme :heart:


head in the dust ♒︎ Feeling used but I'm still missing you and I can't see the end of this. Just wanna feel your kiss against my lips and now all this time is passing by but I still can't seem to tell you why. ©️ endlesslove.
Cheo Dan Ah
Cheo Dan Ah
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Re: illo le cachalot | Dim 10 Avr - 10:35
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hello !
vous pouvez archiver mon absence,, je reviens même si ce sera plus en pointillé qu'avant :cute:
merciiiii d'avance


chant des sirènes
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Ryeo Théo
Ryeo Théo
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Re: illo le cachalot | Dim 10 Avr - 12:24
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yeahhhh :hot:
j'archive :shy:


i'm ready to love
First time feeling my heart race, never thought it’d beat so fast. All I wanna do is run away cause you are my escape, bae. Love has no limit, I want an answer.
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