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SANGO • i run the world
Voir le profil de l'utilisateur http://www.shaketheworld.net/t7048-park-ryu-ivy-feat-gong-minzy http://www.shaketheworld.net/t7016-park-ryu-ivy-reboot-but-your- http://www.shaketheworld.net/t6060p20-park-r-ivy#732311 http://www.shaketheworld.net/t14397-park-r-ivy
Re: Lim Nam Kyung (@nam_kk) ☆  Jeu 16 Fév - 19:24

@poison_ivy bah oui t'en doutais ? :pp mais une héroïne badass alors !
replying to Tu ferais une héroïne de manga plutôt cool, j'trouve :y:

❝ i plugged my ears with music ❞ people come & go, clothes go in & out of fashion. but what makes me "me" isn't the sense of values ingrained in me or the personal preferences i've acquired. you taught me that. i'm not afraid of my end, for even if i'm reborn, i won't forget. FOREVERMORE

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SANGO • i run the world
Voir le profil de l'utilisateur http://www.shaketheworld.net/t11631-ra-yoo-him-journal-d-un-impulsif http://www.shaketheworld.net/t11602-ra-yoo-him-through-kicks-and http://www.shaketheworld.net/t11629p10-ra-yoo-him#732156 http://www.shaketheworld.net/t14170-ra-yoo-him
Re: Lim Nam Kyung (@nam_kk) ☆  Dim 14 Jan - 11:32

@boxstergram vous a identifié dans une publication

« mayday »
I’m shouting mayday. Please be the last missing piece of the puzzle that I am . Save me, I am sinking into you. I can’t breathe. I lightly smile but my insides are twisted without anyone knowing about it. All I think is you, but I shouldn't. All I need is you, but I shouldn't. I want to stop but the only one who can stop me is you.

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Lim Nam Kyung (@nam_kk)

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