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Tout à propos de Kwon Na Yeon

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Lena (j'suis sur le dossier nana :perv: #seoheon )
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Noctua / astra
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Kim Myung Jin
FOURever. 2gether.

“We're always contradicting ourselves.
We want people to tell us apart...
...yet we don't want them to be able to.
We want people to get to know us...
...but we also want them to keep their distance.
We've always longed for someone to accept us...
But we never believed there'd be anyone who would accept our twisted ways.
That's why we'll stay locked up tight... our own little private world...
...and throw away the key, so that no one can ever hurt us.”

I opened my eyes checking my messages. Strangely, I keep waiting for your call why ? I don’t want to make things awkward but my heart keeps going "ing". When I look at you I feel something special, you probably don’t know. What’s Love ? What is true love ? What is friendship? It’s such a mystery. I’m acting again like I’m indifferent. Wait ! If you feel the same way then what do we do ? See things how I feel it, honestly, just as it is. What’s Love ? What is true love ? What is friendship? It’s such a mystery.

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Kwon Na Yeon
Rang: CITIZENS • life is unfair
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