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♡♥♡♥♡ C'est les grandes vacances scolaires à la Yonsei so have fun !!! ♡♥♡♥♡

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Jo Hyun Young (ex-Rainbow)


Why are you hiding it ?
My lips that make you hot,
my touch that makes you tremble
Your eyes looking at me, your breath that touches me,
don’t you want me ?
You want me, I see

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2ème année de commerce + professeur de danse au 1MILLION Dance Studio

You’re my joy and my soul
I’ll continue to treasure this preciousness
I swear to the heavens forever
I love you Malee

The fantasy you’ve dreamed of, I’ll give it to you
Even if the night passes, will you turn off the light
so no one can see us?

A very strong affection was born,
And our immense complicity enriched our friendship.
You are like a real sister to me.
Perhaps not sisters of blood,
But sisters of heart.

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Jung Hae Ryung

Rang: SANGO • i run the world
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