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agathaliones / endlesslove (gif : hwasa-thighs)
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Ahn Hye Jin aka Hwasa (from Mamamoo)

✧ Full time MomMakeup addict ✧ Makeup artist ✧ Beauty bloggerBio lover ✧ Unvolontary trouble makerHopeless romantic

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My King ♡ My heart.
My soul. My son.


2012년 07월 04일

Tiny hands. Yes, that's you. And all you show, it's simply true. I smell your breathe, it makes me smile. I wonder how, I've lived my life. Cause without you, how did I get through all of my days ? With no words at all, so tiny and small. In love I fall again and again. My precious love, sent from heaven. The only truth I'll ever know.

« If you're sad, add more lipstick and attack. » Coco Chanel
My life isn't perfect, but my makeup is.

Paradise is where you are

I drew him in my world;
I wrote him in my lines,
I thought I was meant to be his girl,
he was never meant as mine.

When I look back at my days there was never a day you weren’t there. I know it’s too late but just once more will you let me know where you are? I’ll go run and find the times when you were next to me. Like a puzzle put together piece by piece I’ll help you find me in your memories. I’ll find you wherever you are, I’ll try so we can smile like we did before. Every time I dream and wake up I feel your empty spot. Even if the waves of time take you away I won’t be shaken. When I’m tired and about to fall I’ll think of us holding hands.

This little one drew me to his world
i write him in my lines
I draw him everyday
I was meant to be his
he was meant to be ours
What are we now ?

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Nah Woori
Rang: CITIZENS • life is unfair
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