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♡♥♡♥♡ C'est les grandes vacances scolaires à la Yonsei so have fun !!! ♡♥♡♥♡

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The more time passes,
The more unfocused my eyes get
Suddenly, your voice is in my ears
I’m getting lost
Because I see someone who looks like you
I got 99 problems
Makes me dizzy

Was I being stupid?
Was it just my imagination?


My wife ♦ You gave me hope when there was none. You help me to believe.You offered me freedom and so much more. I owe you more than you think.

My sister ♦ where are you ? You're the mssing piece of my hapiness. I tried to forget about you, because I was selfish... But responsabilities catches me up. I try to be positive, but how can I have hope when there are none to be seen ? I hope you are okay, wherever you are. I hope you are happy... I hope... You are alive.

My best friend ♦ My sweet temptation. My best friend. My adrenaline and danger.

Su Hwan

Rang: CITIZENS • life is unfair
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