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koo soo ah (@dal_sooah)

Koo Soo Ah
Koo Soo Ah
koo soo ah (@dal_sooah) - Page 2 Tumblr_inline_mwbop7PDN21r8evev

Pseudo : sohaline, she/her
Célébrité : miyawaki sakura ((le sserafim))
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Re: koo soo ah (@dal_sooah) | Ven 26 Mai - 19:31
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got a new haircut 🌸


    Moon River ◇ Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker Wherever you're goin', I'm goin' your way

Lim Ye Chan et Shin Yo Han dessinent des petits cœurs.

Son Haru
Son Haru
koo soo ah (@dal_sooah) - Page 2 A-helphtml__9_ koo soo ah (@dal_sooah) - Page 2 T2sa

Pseudo : Lena
Célébrité : Byun Jeongho (Cnema)
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Re: koo soo ah (@dal_sooah) | Ven 26 Mai - 21:36
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bassta a commencé à vous suivre.


ஃ Sky and earth that overturned, and trapped in the silence, The only thing I can see is the blooming wind and your hand that grasps me roughly. ஃ never see fantasy ☩

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