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♡ LES NOUVEAUTES C'EST PAR >ICI< ♡ AMOUR, TENDRESSE ET CHOCOLAT, ON VOUS AIME PUTAIN ♡ | Les cloches sont passées (session 2 en cours) > viens voir ! <:hot: | >GROSSE SPRING PARTY QU'EST CE QUE TU ATTENDS POUR CLIQUER ?< :hot: :hot: :hot: ♡♡♡♡

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STUDENT • too many wars
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Ito Mei Na ☆  Dim 4 Sep - 12:17


But I'd better learn Oh, I'd better learn to sink or swim Cause the pieces of my heart are getting dim But I'll find the light And I don't know In which way the wind blows But I know I'll be alright. — gavin james ; i don't know why.

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GUMIHO • sly as a fox
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Re: Ito Mei Na ☆  Ven 17 Fév - 16:16

No I don’t wanna go too fast cuz nothing really lasts, I think I need some time but I can’t get you off my mind Bartender, I’ll start with the strongest one, please after a few drinking straightly, They all look so beautiful I want to hook them up These ladies so loyala nd then, I found you for the first time geez girl love me tender+ ms.palmer

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Ito Mei Na

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